class aiogram.types.input_sticker.InputSticker(*, sticker: InputFile | str, emoji_list: List[str], mask_position: MaskPosition | None = None, keywords: List[str] | None = None, **extra_data: Any)[source]#

This object describes a sticker to be added to a sticker set.


sticker: InputFile | str#

The added sticker. Pass a file_id as a String to send a file that already exists on the Telegram servers, pass an HTTP URL as a String for Telegram to get a file from the Internet, upload a new one using multipart/form-data, or pass ‘attach://<file_attach_name>’ to upload a new one using multipart/form-data under <file_attach_name> name. Animated and video stickers can’t be uploaded via HTTP URL. More information on Sending Files »

emoji_list: List[str]#

List of 1-20 emoji associated with the sticker

model_computed_fields: ClassVar[dict[str, ComputedFieldInfo]] = {}#

A dictionary of computed field names and their corresponding ComputedFieldInfo objects.

mask_position: MaskPosition | None#

Optional. Position where the mask should be placed on faces. For ‘mask’ stickers only.

keywords: List[str] | None#

Optional. List of 0-20 search keywords for the sticker with total length of up to 64 characters. For ‘regular’ and ‘custom_emoji’ stickers only.