class aiogram.types.pre_checkout_query.PreCheckoutQuery(*, id: str, from_user: User, currency: str, total_amount: int, invoice_payload: str, shipping_option_id: str | None = None, order_info: OrderInfo | None = None, **extra_data: Any)[source]#

This object contains information about an incoming pre-checkout query.


id: str#

Unique query identifier

from_user: User#

User who sent the query

currency: str#

Three-letter ISO 4217 currency code

total_amount: int#

Total price in the smallest units of the currency (integer, not float/double). For example, for a price of US$ 1.45 pass amount = 145. See the exp parameter in currencies.json, it shows the number of digits past the decimal point for each currency (2 for the majority of currencies).

model_computed_fields: ClassVar[dict[str, ComputedFieldInfo]] = {}#

A dictionary of computed field names and their corresponding ComputedFieldInfo objects.

invoice_payload: str#

Bot specified invoice payload

shipping_option_id: str | None#

Optional. Identifier of the shipping option chosen by the user

order_info: OrderInfo | None#

Optional. Order information provided by the user

answer(ok: bool, error_message: str | None = None, **kwargs: Any) AnswerPreCheckoutQuery[source]#

Shortcut for method aiogram.methods.answer_pre_checkout_query.AnswerPreCheckoutQuery will automatically fill method attributes:

  • pre_checkout_query_id

Once the user has confirmed their payment and shipping details, the Bot API sends the final confirmation in the form of an aiogram.types.update.Update with the field pre_checkout_query. Use this method to respond to such pre-checkout queries. On success, True is returned. Note: The Bot API must receive an answer within 10 seconds after the pre-checkout query was sent.


  • ok – Specify True if everything is alright (goods are available, etc.) and the bot is ready to proceed with the order. Use False if there are any problems.

  • error_message – Required if ok is False. Error message in human readable form that explains the reason for failure to proceed with the checkout (e.g. “Sorry, somebody just bought the last of our amazing black T-shirts while you were busy filling out your payment details. Please choose a different color or garment!”). Telegram will display this message to the user.


instance of method aiogram.methods.answer_pre_checkout_query.AnswerPreCheckoutQuery