class aiogram.types.venue.Venue(*, location: Location, title: str, address: str, foursquare_id: str | None = None, foursquare_type: str | None = None, google_place_id: str | None = None, google_place_type: str | None = None, **extra_data: Any)[source]#

This object represents a venue.


location: Location#

Venue location. Can’t be a live location

title: str#

Name of the venue

address: str#

Address of the venue

foursquare_id: str | None#

Optional. Foursquare identifier of the venue

foursquare_type: str | None#

Optional. Foursquare type of the venue. (For example, ‘arts_entertainment/default’, ‘arts_entertainment/aquarium’ or ‘food/icecream’.)

google_place_id: str | None#

Optional. Google Places identifier of the venue

google_place_type: str | None#

Optional. Google Places type of the venue. (See supported types.)