class aiogram.types.inline_query.InlineQuery(*, id: str, from_user: User, query: str, offset: str, chat_type: Optional[str] = None, location: Optional[Location] = None, **extra_data: Any)[source]#

This object represents an incoming inline query. When the user sends an empty query, your bot could return some default or trending results.


id: str#

Unique identifier for this query

from_user: User#


query: str#

Text of the query (up to 256 characters)

offset: str#

Offset of the results to be returned, can be controlled by the bot

chat_type: Optional[str]#

Optional. Type of the chat from which the inline query was sent. Can be either ‘sender’ for a private chat with the inline query sender, ‘private’, ‘group’, ‘supergroup’, or ‘channel’. The chat type should be always known for requests sent from official clients and most third-party clients, unless the request was sent from a secret chat

location: Optional[Location]#

Optional. Sender location, only for bots that request user location

answer(results: List[InlineQueryResult], cache_time: Optional[int] = None, is_personal: Optional[bool] = None, next_offset: Optional[str] = None, switch_pm_text: Optional[str] = None, switch_pm_parameter: Optional[str] = None) AnswerInlineQuery[source]#
  • results

  • cache_time

  • is_personal

  • next_offset

  • switch_pm_text

  • switch_pm_parameter