class aiogram.types.chat_join_request.ChatJoinRequest(*, chat: Chat, from_user: User, date: datetime, bio: Optional[str] = None, invite_link: Optional[ChatInviteLink] = None, **extra_data: Any)[source]#

Represents a join request sent to a chat.


chat: Chat#

Chat to which the request was sent

from_user: User#

User that sent the join request

date: datetime.datetime#

Date the request was sent in Unix time

bio: Optional[str]#

Optional. Bio of the user.

Optional. Chat invite link that was used by the user to send the join request

approve() ApproveChatJoinRequest[source]#

Use this method to approve a chat join request.

decline() DeclineChatJoinRequest[source]#

Use this method to decline a chat join request.