class aiogram.types.passport_element_error_translation_file.PassportElementErrorTranslationFile(*, source: str = 'translation_file', type: str, file_hash: str, message: str, **extra_data: Any)[source]#

Represents an issue with one of the files that constitute the translation of a document. The error is considered resolved when the file changes.


source: str#

Error source, must be translation_file

type: str#

Type of element of the user’s Telegram Passport which has the issue, one of ‘passport’, ‘driver_license’, ‘identity_card’, ‘internal_passport’, ‘utility_bill’, ‘bank_statement’, ‘rental_agreement’, ‘passport_registration’, ‘temporary_registration’

file_hash: str#

Base64-encoded file hash

message: str#

Error message