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aiogram modern and fully asynchronous framework for Telegram Bot API written in Python 3.7 with asyncio and aiohttp.

It helps you to make your bots faster and simpler.



Before start using aiogram is highly recommend to know how to work with asyncio.

Also if you has questions you can go to our community chats in Telegram:

Simple usage

from typing import Any

from aiogram import Bot, Dispatcher, types
from aiogram.dispatcher.handler import MessageHandler

dp = Dispatcher()

class MyHandler(MessageHandler):
    This handler receive messages with `/start` command

    Usage of Class-based handlers

    async def handle(self) -> Any:
        await self.event.answer(f"<b>Hello, {self.from_user.full_name}!</b>")

async def echo_handler(message: types.Message, bot: Bot) -> Any:
    Handler will forward received message back to the sender

    Usage of Function-based handlers

    await bot.forward_message(,, message_id=message.message_id

def main() -> None:
    bot = Bot(TOKEN, parse_mode="HTML")

if __name__ == "__main__":