Returns: bool

class aiogram.methods.set_chat_title.SetChatTitle(*, chat_id: int | str, title: str, **extra_data: Any)[source]#

Use this method to change the title of a chat. Titles can’t be changed for private chats. The bot must be an administrator in the chat for this to work and must have the appropriate administrator rights. Returns True on success.


chat_id: int | str#

Unique identifier for the target chat or username of the target channel (in the format @channelusername)

model_computed_fields: ClassVar[dict[str, ComputedFieldInfo]] = {}#

A dictionary of computed field names and their corresponding ComputedFieldInfo objects.

model_post_init(_ModelMetaclass__context: Any) None#

We need to both initialize private attributes and call the user-defined model_post_init method.

title: str#

New chat title, 1-128 characters


As bot method#

result: bool = await bot.set_chat_title(...)

Method as object#


  • from aiogram.methods.set_chat_title import SetChatTitle

  • alias: from aiogram.methods import SetChatTitle

With specific bot#

result: bool = await bot(SetChatTitle(...))

As reply into Webhook in handler#

return SetChatTitle(...)

As shortcut from received object#