Returns: bool

class aiogram.methods.set_my_commands.SetMyCommands(*, commands: List[BotCommand], scope: Optional[BotCommandScope] = None, language_code: Optional[str] = None, **extra_data: Any)[source]#

Use this method to change the list of the bot’s commands. See this manual for more details about bot commands. Returns True on success.


commands: List[BotCommand]#

A JSON-serialized list of bot commands to be set as the list of the bot’s commands. At most 100 commands can be specified.

scope: Optional[BotCommandScope]#

A JSON-serialized object, describing scope of users for which the commands are relevant. Defaults to aiogram.types.bot_command_scope_default.BotCommandScopeDefault.

language_code: Optional[str]#

A two-letter ISO 639-1 language code. If empty, commands will be applied to all users from the given scope, for whose language there are no dedicated commands


As bot method#

result: bool = await bot.set_my_commands(...)

Method as object#


  • from aiogram.methods.set_my_commands import SetMyCommands

  • alias: from aiogram.methods import SetMyCommands

With specific bot#

result: bool = await bot(SetMyCommands(...))

As reply into Webhook in handler#

return SetMyCommands(...)