class aiogram.types.input_poll_option.InputPollOption(*, text: str, text_parse_mode: str | ~aiogram.client.default.Default | None = <Default('parse_mode')>, text_entities: ~typing.List[~aiogram.types.message_entity.MessageEntity] | None = None, **extra_data: ~typing.Any)[source]#

This object contains information about one answer option in a poll to send.


text: str#

Option text, 1-100 characters

text_parse_mode: str | Default | None#

Optional. Mode for parsing entities in the text. See formatting options for more details. Currently, only custom emoji entities are allowed

model_computed_fields: ClassVar[dict[str, ComputedFieldInfo]] = {}#

A dictionary of computed field names and their corresponding ComputedFieldInfo objects.

model_post_init(_ModelMetaclass__context: Any) None#

We need to both initialize private attributes and call the user-defined model_post_init method.

text_entities: List[MessageEntity] | None#

Optional. A JSON-serialized list of special entities that appear in the poll option text. It can be specified instead of text_parse_mode