Source code for aiogram.types.input_sticker

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, List, Optional, Union

from .base import TelegramObject

    from .input_file import InputFile
    from .mask_position import MaskPosition

[docs] class InputSticker(TelegramObject): """ This object describes a sticker to be added to a sticker set. Source: """ sticker: Union[InputFile, str] """The added sticker. Pass a *file_id* as a String to send a file that already exists on the Telegram servers, pass an HTTP URL as a String for Telegram to get a file from the Internet, upload a new one using multipart/form-data, or pass 'attach://<file_attach_name>' to upload a new one using multipart/form-data under <file_attach_name> name. Animated and video stickers can't be uploaded via HTTP URL. :ref:`More information on Sending Files ยป <sending-files>`""" format: str """Format of the added sticker, must be one of 'static' for a **.WEBP** or **.PNG** image, 'animated' for a **.TGS** animation, 'video' for a **WEBM** video""" emoji_list: List[str] """List of 1-20 emoji associated with the sticker""" mask_position: Optional[MaskPosition] = None """*Optional*. Position where the mask should be placed on faces. For 'mask' stickers only.""" keywords: Optional[List[str]] = None """*Optional*. List of 0-20 search keywords for the sticker with total length of up to 64 characters. For 'regular' and 'custom_emoji' stickers only.""" if TYPE_CHECKING: # DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!!! # This section was auto-generated via `butcher` def __init__( __pydantic__self__, *, sticker: Union[InputFile, str], format: str, emoji_list: List[str], mask_position: Optional[MaskPosition] = None, keywords: Optional[List[str]] = None, **__pydantic_kwargs: Any, ) -> None: # DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!!! # This method was auto-generated via `butcher` # Is needed only for type checking and IDE support without any additional plugins super().__init__( sticker=sticker, format=format, emoji_list=emoji_list, mask_position=mask_position, keywords=keywords, **__pydantic_kwargs, )