Source code for aiogram.methods.set_chat_menu_button

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, Optional, Union

from ..types import MenuButtonCommands, MenuButtonDefault, MenuButtonWebApp
from .base import Request, TelegramMethod

    from import Bot

[docs]class SetChatMenuButton(TelegramMethod[bool]): """ Use this method to change the bot's menu button in a private chat, or the default menu button. Returns :code:`True` on success. Source: """ __returning__ = bool chat_id: Optional[int] = None """Unique identifier for the target private chat. If not specified, default bot's menu button will be changed""" menu_button: Optional[Union[MenuButtonDefault, MenuButtonWebApp, MenuButtonCommands]] = None """A JSON-serialized object for the bot's new menu button. Defaults to :class:`aiogram.types.menu_button_default.MenuButtonDefault`"""
[docs] def build_request(self, bot: Bot) -> Request: data: Dict[str, Any] = self.dict() return Request(method="setChatMenuButton", data=data)