Source code for aiogram.methods.set_chat_administrator_custom_title

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Union

from .base import TelegramMethod

[docs]class SetChatAdministratorCustomTitle(TelegramMethod[bool]): """ Use this method to set a custom title for an administrator in a supergroup promoted by the bot. Returns :code:`True` on success. Source: """ __returning__ = bool __api_method__ = "setChatAdministratorCustomTitle" chat_id: Union[int, str] """Unique identifier for the target chat or username of the target supergroup (in the format :code:`@supergroupusername`)""" user_id: int """Unique identifier of the target user""" custom_title: str """New custom title for the administrator; 0-16 characters, emoji are not allowed"""