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from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from contextlib import asynccontextmanager
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Any, AsyncGenerator, Dict, Optional, Union

from aiogram.fsm.state import State

StateType = Optional[Union[str, State]]


class StorageKey:
    bot_id: int
    chat_id: int
    user_id: int
    thread_id: Optional[int] = None
    destiny: str = DEFAULT_DESTINY

[docs]class BaseStorage(ABC): """ Base class for all FSM storages """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def set_state(self, key: StorageKey, state: StateType = None) -> None: """ Set state for specified key :param key: storage key :param state: new state """ pass
[docs] @abstractmethod async def get_state(self, key: StorageKey) -> Optional[str]: """ Get key state :param key: storage key :return: current state """ pass
[docs] @abstractmethod async def set_data(self, key: StorageKey, data: Dict[str, Any]) -> None: """ Write data (replace) :param key: storage key :param data: new data """ pass
[docs] @abstractmethod async def get_data(self, key: StorageKey) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Get current data for key :param key: storage key :return: current data """ pass
[docs] async def update_data(self, key: StorageKey, data: Dict[str, Any]) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Update date in the storage for key (like dict.update) :param key: storage key :param data: partial data :return: new data """ current_data = await self.get_data(key=key) current_data.update(data) await self.set_data(key=key, data=current_data) return current_data.copy()
[docs] @abstractmethod async def close(self) -> None: # pragma: no cover """ Close storage (database connection, file or etc.) """ pass
class BaseEventIsolation(ABC): @abstractmethod @asynccontextmanager async def lock(self, key: StorageKey) -> AsyncGenerator[None, None]: """ Isolate events with lock. Will be used as context manager :param key: storage key :return: An async generator """ yield None @abstractmethod async def close(self) -> None: pass