Source code for aiogram.types.reply_keyboard_markup

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, List, Optional

from .base import MutableTelegramObject

    from .keyboard_button import KeyboardButton

[docs] class ReplyKeyboardMarkup(MutableTelegramObject): """ This object represents a `custom keyboard <>`_ with reply options (see `Introduction to bots <>`_ for details and examples). Not supported in channels and for messages sent on behalf of a Telegram Business account. Source: """ keyboard: List[List[KeyboardButton]] """Array of button rows, each represented by an Array of :class:`aiogram.types.keyboard_button.KeyboardButton` objects""" is_persistent: Optional[bool] = None """*Optional*. Requests clients to always show the keyboard when the regular keyboard is hidden. Defaults to *false*, in which case the custom keyboard can be hidden and opened with a keyboard icon.""" resize_keyboard: Optional[bool] = None """*Optional*. Requests clients to resize the keyboard vertically for optimal fit (e.g., make the keyboard smaller if there are just two rows of buttons). Defaults to *false*, in which case the custom keyboard is always of the same height as the app's standard keyboard.""" one_time_keyboard: Optional[bool] = None """*Optional*. Requests clients to hide the keyboard as soon as it's been used. The keyboard will still be available, but clients will automatically display the usual letter-keyboard in the chat - the user can press a special button in the input field to see the custom keyboard again. Defaults to *false*.""" input_field_placeholder: Optional[str] = None """*Optional*. The placeholder to be shown in the input field when the keyboard is active; 1-64 characters""" selective: Optional[bool] = None """*Optional*. Use this parameter if you want to show the keyboard to specific users only. Targets: 1) users that are @mentioned in the *text* of the :class:`aiogram.types.message.Message` object; 2) if the bot's message is a reply to a message in the same chat and forum topic, sender of the original message.""" if TYPE_CHECKING: # DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!!! # This section was auto-generated via `butcher` def __init__( __pydantic__self__, *, keyboard: List[List[KeyboardButton]], is_persistent: Optional[bool] = None, resize_keyboard: Optional[bool] = None, one_time_keyboard: Optional[bool] = None, input_field_placeholder: Optional[str] = None, selective: Optional[bool] = None, **__pydantic_kwargs: Any, ) -> None: # DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!!! # This method was auto-generated via `butcher` # Is needed only for type checking and IDE support without any additional plugins super().__init__( keyboard=keyboard, is_persistent=is_persistent, resize_keyboard=resize_keyboard, one_time_keyboard=one_time_keyboard, input_field_placeholder=input_field_placeholder, selective=selective, **__pydantic_kwargs, )