Source code for aiogram.types.sticker

from . import base
from . import fields
from . import mixins
from .mask_position import MaskPosition
from .photo_size import PhotoSize
from .file import File

[docs]class Sticker(base.TelegramObject, mixins.Downloadable): """ This object represents a sticker. """ file_id: base.String = fields.Field() file_unique_id: base.String = fields.Field() type: base.String = fields.Field() width: base.Integer = fields.Field() height: base.Integer = fields.Field() is_animated: base.Boolean = fields.Field() is_video: base.Boolean = fields.Field() thumb: PhotoSize = fields.Field(base=PhotoSize) emoji: base.String = fields.Field() set_name: base.String = fields.Field() premium_animation: File = fields.Field(base=File) mask_position: MaskPosition = fields.Field(base=MaskPosition) custom_emoji_id: base.String = fields.Field() file_size: base.Integer = fields.Field()
[docs] async def set_position_in_set(self, position: base.Integer) -> base.Boolean: """ Use this method to move a sticker in a set created by the bot to a specific position. Source: :param position: New sticker position in the set, zero-based :type position: :obj:`base.Integer` :return: Returns True on success :rtype: :obj:`base.Boolean` """ return await, position=position)
[docs] async def delete_from_set(self) -> base.Boolean: """ Use this method to delete a sticker from a set created by the bot. Source: :return: Returns True on success :rtype: :obj:`base.Boolean` """ return await