class aiogram.types.inline_query_result_cached_gif.InlineQueryResultCachedGif(*, type: ~typing.Literal[<InlineQueryResultType.GIF: 'gif'>] = InlineQueryResultType.GIF, id: str, gif_file_id: str, title: str | None = None, caption: str | None = None, parse_mode: str | None = sentinel.UNSET_PARSE_MODE, caption_entities: ~typing.List[~aiogram.types.message_entity.MessageEntity] | None = None, reply_markup: ~aiogram.types.inline_keyboard_markup.InlineKeyboardMarkup | None = None, input_message_content: ~aiogram.types.input_text_message_content.InputTextMessageContent | ~aiogram.types.input_location_message_content.InputLocationMessageContent | ~aiogram.types.input_venue_message_content.InputVenueMessageContent | ~aiogram.types.input_contact_message_content.InputContactMessageContent | ~aiogram.types.input_invoice_message_content.InputInvoiceMessageContent | None = None, **extra_data: ~typing.Any)[source]#

Represents a link to an animated GIF file stored on the Telegram servers. By default, this animated GIF file will be sent by the user with an optional caption. Alternatively, you can use input_message_content to send a message with specified content instead of the animation.


type: Literal[InlineQueryResultType.GIF]#

Type of the result, must be gif

id: str#

Unique identifier for this result, 1-64 bytes

gif_file_id: str#

A valid file identifier for the GIF file

title: str | None#

Optional. Title for the result

caption: str | None#

Optional. Caption of the GIF file to be sent, 0-1024 characters after entities parsing

parse_mode: str | None#

Optional. Mode for parsing entities in the caption. See formatting options for more details.

caption_entities: List[MessageEntity] | None#

Optional. List of special entities that appear in the caption, which can be specified instead of parse_mode

reply_markup: InlineKeyboardMarkup | None#

Optional. Inline keyboard attached to the message

input_message_content: InputTextMessageContent | InputLocationMessageContent | InputVenueMessageContent | InputContactMessageContent | InputInvoiceMessageContent | None#

Optional. Content of the message to be sent instead of the GIF animation