Source code for aiogram.types.callback_query

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Optional, Union

from pydantic import Field

from .base import TelegramObject

    from ..methods import AnswerCallbackQuery
    from .inaccessible_message import InaccessibleMessage
    from .message import Message
    from .user import User

[docs] class CallbackQuery(TelegramObject): """ This object represents an incoming callback query from a callback button in an `inline keyboard <>`_. If the button that originated the query was attached to a message sent by the bot, the field *message* will be present. If the button was attached to a message sent via the bot (in `inline mode <>`_), the field *inline_message_id* will be present. Exactly one of the fields *data* or *game_short_name* will be present. **NOTE:** After the user presses a callback button, Telegram clients will display a progress bar until you call :class:`aiogram.methods.answer_callback_query.AnswerCallbackQuery`. It is, therefore, necessary to react by calling :class:`aiogram.methods.answer_callback_query.AnswerCallbackQuery` even if no notification to the user is needed (e.g., without specifying any of the optional parameters). Source: """ id: str """Unique identifier for this query""" from_user: User = Field(..., alias="from") """Sender""" chat_instance: str """Global identifier, uniquely corresponding to the chat to which the message with the callback button was sent. Useful for high scores in :class:``.""" message: Optional[Union[Message, InaccessibleMessage]] = None """*Optional*. Message sent by the bot with the callback button that originated the query""" inline_message_id: Optional[str] = None """*Optional*. Identifier of the message sent via the bot in inline mode, that originated the query.""" data: Optional[str] = None """*Optional*. Data associated with the callback button. Be aware that the message originated the query can contain no callback buttons with this data.""" game_short_name: Optional[str] = None """*Optional*. Short name of a `Game <>`_ to be returned, serves as the unique identifier for the game""" if TYPE_CHECKING: # DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!!! # This section was auto-generated via `butcher` def __init__( __pydantic__self__, *, id: str, from_user: User, chat_instance: str, message: Optional[Union[Message, InaccessibleMessage]] = None, inline_message_id: Optional[str] = None, data: Optional[str] = None, game_short_name: Optional[str] = None, **__pydantic_kwargs: Any, ) -> None: # DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!!! # This method was auto-generated via `butcher` # Is needed only for type checking and IDE support without any additional plugins super().__init__( id=id, from_user=from_user, chat_instance=chat_instance, message=message, inline_message_id=inline_message_id, data=data, game_short_name=game_short_name, **__pydantic_kwargs, )
[docs] def answer( self, text: Optional[str] = None, show_alert: Optional[bool] = None, url: Optional[str] = None, cache_time: Optional[int] = None, **kwargs: Any, ) -> AnswerCallbackQuery: """ Shortcut for method :class:`aiogram.methods.answer_callback_query.AnswerCallbackQuery` will automatically fill method attributes: - :code:`callback_query_id` Use this method to send answers to callback queries sent from `inline keyboards <>`_. The answer will be displayed to the user as a notification at the top of the chat screen or as an alert. On success, :code:`True` is returned. Alternatively, the user can be redirected to the specified Game URL. For this option to work, you must first create a game for your bot via `@BotFather <>`_ and accept the terms. Otherwise, you may use links like :code:`` that open your bot with a parameter. Source: :param text: Text of the notification. If not specified, nothing will be shown to the user, 0-200 characters :param show_alert: If :code:`True`, an alert will be shown by the client instead of a notification at the top of the chat screen. Defaults to *false*. :param url: URL that will be opened by the user's client. If you have created a :class:`` and accepted the conditions via `@BotFather <>`_, specify the URL that opens your game - note that this will only work if the query comes from a ` <>`_ *callback_game* button. :param cache_time: The maximum amount of time in seconds that the result of the callback query may be cached client-side. Telegram apps will support caching starting in version 3.14. Defaults to 0. :return: instance of method :class:`aiogram.methods.answer_callback_query.AnswerCallbackQuery` """ # DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!!! # This method was auto-generated via `butcher` from aiogram.methods import AnswerCallbackQuery return AnswerCallbackQuery(, text=text, show_alert=show_alert, url=url, cache_time=cache_time, **kwargs, ).as_(self._bot)