Source code for aiogram.types.message_entity

import sys

from . import base, fields
from .user import User
from ..utils import helper, markdown
from ..utils.deprecated import deprecated

[docs]class MessageEntity(base.TelegramObject): """ This object represents one special entity in a text message. For example, hashtags, usernames, URLs, etc. """ type: base.String = fields.Field() offset: base.Integer = fields.Field() length: base.Integer = fields.Field() url: base.String = fields.Field() user: User = fields.Field(base=User) language: base.String = fields.Field() custom_emoji_id: base.String = fields.Field() def __init__( self, type: base.String, offset: base.Integer, length: base.Integer, url: base.String = None, user: User = None, language: base.String = None, custom_emoji_id: base.String = None, **kwargs ): super().__init__( type=type, offset=offset, length=length, url=url, user=user, language=language, custom_emoji_id=custom_emoji_id, **kwargs )
[docs] def get_text(self, text): """ Get value of entity :param text: full text :return: part of text """ if sys.maxunicode == 0xFFFF: return text[self.offset: self.offset + self.length] entity_text = ( text.encode("utf-16-le") if not isinstance(text, bytes) else text ) entity_text = entity_text[self.offset * 2: (self.offset + self.length) * 2] return entity_text.decode("utf-16-le")
[docs] @deprecated( "This method doesn't work with nested entities and will be removed in aiogram 3.0" ) def parse(self, text, as_html=True): """ Get entity value with markup :param text: original text :param as_html: as html? :return: entity text with markup """ if not text: return text entity_text = self.get_text(text) if self.type == MessageEntityType.BOLD: method = markdown.hbold if as_html else markdown.bold return method(entity_text) if self.type == MessageEntityType.ITALIC: method = markdown.hitalic if as_html else markdown.italic return method(entity_text) if self.type == MessageEntityType.SPOILER: method = markdown.spoiler if as_html else markdown.hspoiler return method(entity_text) if self.type == MessageEntityType.PRE: method = markdown.hpre if as_html else markdown.pre return method(entity_text) if self.type == MessageEntityType.CODE: method = markdown.hcode if as_html else markdown.code return method(entity_text) if self.type == MessageEntityType.URL: method = markdown.hlink if as_html else return method(entity_text, entity_text) if self.type == MessageEntityType.TEXT_LINK: method = markdown.hlink if as_html else return method(entity_text, self.url) if self.type == MessageEntityType.TEXT_MENTION and self.user: return self.user.get_mention(entity_text, as_html=as_html) if self.type == MessageEntityType.CUSTOM_EMOJI and self.user: return entity_text return entity_text
[docs]class MessageEntityType(helper.Helper): """ List of entity types :key: MENTION :key: HASHTAG :key: CASHTAG :key: BOT_COMMAND :key: URL :key: EMAIL :key: PHONE_NUMBER :key: BOLD :key: ITALIC :key: UNDERLINE :key: STRIKETHROUGH :key: SPOILER :key: CODE :key: PRE :key: TEXT_LINK :key: TEXT_MENTION :key: CUSTOM_EMOJI """ mode = helper.HelperMode.snake_case MENTION = helper.Item() # mention - @username HASHTAG = helper.Item() # hashtag CASHTAG = helper.Item() # cashtag BOT_COMMAND = helper.Item() # bot_command URL = helper.Item() # url EMAIL = helper.Item() # email PHONE_NUMBER = helper.Item() # phone_number BOLD = helper.Item() # bold - bold text ITALIC = helper.Item() # italic - italic text UNDERLINE = helper.Item() # underline STRIKETHROUGH = helper.Item() # strikethrough SPOILER = helper.Item() # spoiler CODE = helper.Item() # code - monowidth string PRE = helper.Item() # pre - monowidth block TEXT_LINK = helper.Item() # text_link - for clickable text URLs TEXT_MENTION = helper.Item() # text_mention - for users without usernames CUSTOM_EMOJI = helper.Item() # custom_emoji