Source code for aiogram.types.message_entity

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Optional

from ..utils.text_decorations import add_surrogates, remove_surrogates
from .base import MutableTelegramObject

    from .user import User

[docs] class MessageEntity(MutableTelegramObject): """ This object represents one special entity in a text message. For example, hashtags, usernames, URLs, etc. Source: """ type: str """Type of the entity. Currently, can be 'mention' (:code:`@username`), 'hashtag' (:code:`#hashtag`), 'cashtag' (:code:`$USD`), 'bot_command' (:code:`/start@jobs_bot`), 'url' (:code:``), 'email' (:code:`[email protected]`), 'phone_number' (:code:`+1-212-555-0123`), 'bold' (**bold text**), 'italic' (*italic text*), 'underline' (underlined text), 'strikethrough' (strikethrough text), 'spoiler' (spoiler message), 'blockquote' (block quotation), 'code' (monowidth string), 'pre' (monowidth block), 'text_link' (for clickable text URLs), 'text_mention' (for users `without usernames <>`_), 'custom_emoji' (for inline custom emoji stickers)""" offset: int """Offset in `UTF-16 code units <>`_ to the start of the entity""" length: int """Length of the entity in `UTF-16 code units <>`_""" url: Optional[str] = None """*Optional*. For 'text_link' only, URL that will be opened after user taps on the text""" user: Optional[User] = None """*Optional*. For 'text_mention' only, the mentioned user""" language: Optional[str] = None """*Optional*. For 'pre' only, the programming language of the entity text""" custom_emoji_id: Optional[str] = None """*Optional*. For 'custom_emoji' only, unique identifier of the custom emoji. Use :class:`aiogram.methods.get_custom_emoji_stickers.GetCustomEmojiStickers` to get full information about the sticker""" if TYPE_CHECKING: # DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!!! # This section was auto-generated via `butcher` def __init__( __pydantic__self__, *, type: str, offset: int, length: int, url: Optional[str] = None, user: Optional[User] = None, language: Optional[str] = None, custom_emoji_id: Optional[str] = None, **__pydantic_kwargs: Any, ) -> None: # DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY!!! # This method was auto-generated via `butcher` # Is needed only for type checking and IDE support without any additional plugins super().__init__( type=type, offset=offset, length=length, url=url, user=user, language=language, custom_emoji_id=custom_emoji_id, **__pydantic_kwargs, )
[docs] def extract_from(self, text: str) -> str: return remove_surrogates( add_surrogates(text)[self.offset * 2 : (self.offset + self.length) * 2] )