Source code for aiogram.types.chat_member

import datetime
import typing

from . import base, fields
from .user import User
from ..utils import helper

T = typing.TypeVar('T')

[docs]class ChatMemberStatus(helper.Helper): """ Chat member status """ mode = helper.HelperMode.lowercase CREATOR = helper.Item() # creator OWNER = CREATOR # creator ADMINISTRATOR = helper.Item() # administrator MEMBER = helper.Item() # member RESTRICTED = helper.Item() # restricted LEFT = helper.Item() # left KICKED = helper.Item() # kicked BANNED = KICKED # kicked @classmethod def is_chat_creator(cls, role: str) -> bool: return role == cls.CREATOR is_chat_owner = is_chat_creator @classmethod def is_chat_admin(cls, role: str) -> bool: return role in (cls.ADMINISTRATOR, cls.CREATOR) @classmethod def is_chat_member(cls, role: str) -> bool: return role in (cls.MEMBER, cls.ADMINISTRATOR, cls.CREATOR, cls.RESTRICTED) @classmethod def get_class_by_status(cls, status: str) -> typing.Optional[typing.Type["ChatMember"]]: return { cls.OWNER: ChatMemberOwner, cls.ADMINISTRATOR: ChatMemberAdministrator, cls.MEMBER: ChatMemberMember, cls.RESTRICTED: ChatMemberRestricted, cls.LEFT: ChatMemberLeft, cls.BANNED: ChatMemberBanned, }.get(status)
[docs]class ChatMember(base.TelegramObject): """ This object contains information about one member of a chat. Currently, the following 6 types of chat members are supported: ChatMemberOwner ChatMemberAdministrator ChatMemberMember ChatMemberRestricted ChatMemberLeft ChatMemberBanned """ status: base.String = fields.Field() user: User = fields.Field(base=User) def __int__(self) -> int: return @classmethod def resolve(cls, **kwargs) -> typing.Union["ChatMemberOwner", "ChatMemberAdministrator", "ChatMemberMember", "ChatMemberRestricted", "ChatMemberLeft", "ChatMemberBanned"]: status = kwargs.get("status") mapping = { ChatMemberStatus.OWNER: ChatMemberOwner, ChatMemberStatus.ADMINISTRATOR: ChatMemberAdministrator, ChatMemberStatus.MEMBER: ChatMemberMember, ChatMemberStatus.RESTRICTED: ChatMemberRestricted, ChatMemberStatus.LEFT: ChatMemberLeft, ChatMemberStatus.BANNED: ChatMemberBanned, } class_ = mapping.get(status) if class_ is None: raise ValueError(f"Can't find `ChatMember` class for status `{status}`") return class_(**kwargs)
[docs] @classmethod def to_object(cls, data: typing.Dict[str, typing.Any], conf: typing.Dict[str, typing.Any] = None ) -> typing.Union["ChatMemberOwner", "ChatMemberAdministrator", "ChatMemberMember", "ChatMemberRestricted", "ChatMemberLeft", "ChatMemberBanned"]: return cls.resolve(conf=conf, **data)
def is_chat_creator(self) -> bool: return ChatMemberStatus.is_chat_creator(self.status) is_chat_owner = is_chat_creator def is_chat_admin(self) -> bool: return ChatMemberStatus.is_chat_admin(self.status) def is_chat_member(self) -> bool: return ChatMemberStatus.is_chat_member(self.status)
class ChatMemberOwner(ChatMember): """ Represents a chat member that owns the chat and has all administrator privileges. """ status: base.String = fields.Field(default=ChatMemberStatus.OWNER) user: User = fields.Field(base=User) custom_title: base.String = fields.Field() is_anonymous: base.Boolean = fields.Field() # Next fields cannot be received from API but # it useful for compatibility and cleaner code: # >>> if member.is_admin() and member.can_promote_members: # >>> await message.reply('You can promote me') can_be_edited: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(False) can_manage_chat: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) can_post_messages: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) can_edit_messages: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) can_delete_messages: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) can_manage_voice_chats: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) can_restrict_members: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) can_promote_members: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) can_change_info: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) can_invite_users: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) can_pin_messages: base.Boolean = fields.ConstField(True) class ChatMemberAdministrator(ChatMember): """ Represents a chat member that has some additional privileges. """ status: base.String = fields.Field(default=ChatMemberStatus.ADMINISTRATOR) user: User = fields.Field(base=User) can_be_edited: base.Boolean = fields.Field() custom_title: base.String = fields.Field() is_anonymous: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_manage_chat: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_post_messages: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_edit_messages: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_delete_messages: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_manage_voice_chats: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_manage_video_chats: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_restrict_members: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_promote_members: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_change_info: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_invite_users: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_pin_messages: base.Boolean = fields.Field() class ChatMemberMember(ChatMember): """ Represents a chat member that has no additional privileges or restrictions. """ status: base.String = fields.Field(default=ChatMemberStatus.MEMBER) user: User = fields.Field(base=User) class ChatMemberRestricted(ChatMember): """ Represents a chat member that is under certain restrictions in the chat. Supergroups only. """ status: base.String = fields.Field(default=ChatMemberStatus.RESTRICTED) user: User = fields.Field(base=User) is_member: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_change_info: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_invite_users: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_pin_messages: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_send_messages: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_send_media_messages: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_send_polls: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_send_other_messages: base.Boolean = fields.Field() can_add_web_page_previews: base.Boolean = fields.Field() until_date: datetime.datetime = fields.DateTimeField() class ChatMemberLeft(ChatMember): """ Represents a chat member that isn't currently a member of the chat, but may join it themselves. """ status: base.String = fields.Field(default=ChatMemberStatus.LEFT) user: User = fields.Field(base=User) class ChatMemberBanned(ChatMember): """ Represents a chat member that was banned in the chat and can't return to the chat or view chat messages. """ status: base.String = fields.Field(default=ChatMemberStatus.BANNED) user: User = fields.Field(base=User) until_date: datetime.datetime = fields.DateTimeField()