Source code for aiogram.utils.exceptions

- TelegramAPIError
    - ValidationError
    - Throttled
    - BadRequest
        - MessageError
            - MessageNotModified
            - MessageToForwardNotFound
            - MessageIdInvalid
            - MessageToDeleteNotFound
            - MessageToPinNotFound
            - MessageIdentifierNotSpecified
            - MessageTextIsEmpty
            - MessageCantBeEdited
            - MessageCantBeDeleted
            - MessageCantBeForwarded
            - MessageToEditNotFound
            - MessageToReplyNotFound
            - ToMuchMessages
        - PollError
            - PollCantBeStopped
            - PollHasAlreadyClosed
            - PollsCantBeSentToPrivateChats
            - PollSizeError
                - PollMustHaveMoreOptions
                - PollCantHaveMoreOptions
                - PollsOptionsLengthTooLong
                - PollOptionsMustBeNonEmpty
                - PollQuestionMustBeNonEmpty
            - MessageWithPollNotFound (with MessageError)
            - MessageIsNotAPoll (with MessageError)
        - ObjectExpectedAsReplyMarkup
        - InlineKeyboardExpected
        - ChatNotFound
        - ChatDescriptionIsNotModified
        - InvalidQueryID
        - InvalidPeerID
        - InvalidHTTPUrlContent
        - ButtonURLInvalid
        - URLHostIsEmpty
        - StartParamInvalid
        - ButtonDataInvalid
        - FileIsTooBig
        - WrongFileIdentifier
        - GroupDeactivated
        - BadWebhook
            - WebhookRequireHTTPS
            - BadWebhookPort
            - BadWebhookAddrInfo
            - BadWebhookNoAddressAssociatedWithHostname
        - NotFound
            - MethodNotKnown
        - PhotoAsInputFileRequired
        - InvalidStickersSet
        - NoStickerInRequest
        - ChatAdminRequired
        - NeedAdministratorRightsInTheChannel
        - MethodNotAvailableInPrivateChats
        - CantDemoteChatCreator
        - CantRestrictSelf
        - NotEnoughRightsToRestrict
        - PhotoDimensions
        - UnavailableMembers
        - TypeOfFileMismatch
        - WrongRemoteFileIdSpecified
        - PaymentProviderInvalid
        - CurrencyTotalAmountInvalid
        - CantParseUrl
        - UnsupportedUrlProtocol
        - CantParseEntities
        - ResultIdDuplicate
        - MethodIsNotAvailable
    - ConflictError
        - TerminatedByOtherGetUpdates
        - CantGetUpdates
    - Unauthorized
        - BotKicked
        - BotBlocked
        - UserDeactivated
        - CantInitiateConversation
        - CantTalkWithBots
    - NetworkError
    - RetryAfter
    - MigrateToChat
    - RestartingTelegram

- AIOGramWarning
    - TimeoutWarning
import time

# TODO: Use exceptions detector from `aiograph`.
# TODO: aiogram.utils.exceptions.BadRequest: Bad request: can't parse entities: unsupported start tag "function" at byte offset 0
# TODO: aiogram.utils.exceptions.TelegramAPIError: Gateway Timeout

_PREFIXES = ['error: ', '[error]: ', 'bad request: ', 'conflict: ', 'not found: ']

def _clean_message(text):
    for prefix in _PREFIXES:
        if text.startswith(prefix):
            text = text[len(prefix):]
    return (text[0].upper() + text[1:]).strip()

[docs]class TelegramAPIError(Exception): def __init__(self, message=None): super(TelegramAPIError, self).__init__(_clean_message(message))
class _MatchErrorMixin: match = '' text = None __subclasses = [] def __init_subclass__(cls, **kwargs): super(_MatchErrorMixin, cls).__init_subclass__(**kwargs) # cls.match = cls.match.lower() if cls.match else '' if not hasattr(cls, f"_{cls.__name__}__group"): cls.__subclasses.append(cls) @classmethod def check(cls, message) -> bool: """ Compare pattern with message :param message: always must be in lowercase :return: bool """ return cls.match.lower() in message @classmethod def detect(cls, description): description = description.lower() for err in cls.__subclasses: if err is cls: continue if err.check(description): raise err(cls.text or description) raise cls(description)
[docs]class AIOGramWarning(Warning): pass
[docs]class TimeoutWarning(AIOGramWarning): pass
[docs]class FSMStorageWarning(AIOGramWarning): pass
[docs]class ValidationError(TelegramAPIError): pass
[docs]class BadRequest(TelegramAPIError, _MatchErrorMixin): __group = True
[docs]class MessageError(BadRequest): __group = True
[docs]class MessageNotModified(MessageError): """ Will be raised when you try to set new text is equals to current text. """ match = 'message is not modified'
[docs]class MessageToForwardNotFound(MessageError): """ Will be raised when you try to forward very old or deleted or unknown message. """ match = 'message to forward not found'
[docs]class MessageIdInvalid(MessageError): text = 'Invalid message id' match = 'message_id_invalid'
[docs]class MessageToDeleteNotFound(MessageError): """ Will be raised when you try to delete very old or deleted or unknown message. """ match = 'message to delete not found'
[docs]class MessageToPinNotFound(MessageError): """ Will be raised when you try to pin deleted or unknown message. """ match = 'message to pin not found'
[docs]class MessageToReplyNotFound(MessageError): """ Will be raised when you try to reply to very old or deleted or unknown message. """ match = 'Reply message not found'
[docs]class MessageIdentifierNotSpecified(MessageError): match = 'message identifier is not specified'
[docs]class MessageTextIsEmpty(MessageError): match = 'Message text is empty'
[docs]class MessageCantBeEdited(MessageError): match = 'message can\'t be edited'
[docs]class MessageCantBeDeleted(MessageError): match = 'message can\'t be deleted'
[docs]class MessageCantBeForwarded(MessageError): match = 'message can\'t be forwarded'
[docs]class MessageToEditNotFound(MessageError): match = 'message to edit not found'
[docs]class MessageIsTooLong(MessageError): match = 'message is too long'
[docs]class ToMuchMessages(MessageError): """ Will be raised when you try to send media group with more than 10 items. """ match = 'Too much messages to send as an album'
[docs]class ObjectExpectedAsReplyMarkup(BadRequest): match = 'object expected as reply markup'
[docs]class InlineKeyboardExpected(BadRequest): match = 'inline keyboard expected'
[docs]class PollError(BadRequest): __group = True
[docs]class PollCantBeStopped(PollError): match = "poll can't be stopped"
[docs]class PollHasAlreadyBeenClosed(PollError): match = 'poll has already been closed'
[docs]class PollsCantBeSentToPrivateChats(PollError): match = "polls can't be sent to private chats"
[docs]class PollSizeError(PollError): __group = True
[docs]class PollMustHaveMoreOptions(PollSizeError): match = "poll must have at least 2 option"
[docs]class PollCantHaveMoreOptions(PollSizeError): match = "poll can't have more than 10 options"
[docs]class PollOptionsMustBeNonEmpty(PollSizeError): match = "poll options must be non-empty"
[docs]class PollQuestionMustBeNonEmpty(PollSizeError): match = "poll question must be non-empty"
[docs]class PollOptionsLengthTooLong(PollSizeError): match = "poll options length must not exceed 100"
[docs]class PollQuestionLengthTooLong(PollSizeError): match = "poll question length must not exceed 255"
[docs]class PollCanBeRequestedInPrivateChatsOnly(PollError): match = "Poll can be requested in private chats only"
[docs]class MessageWithPollNotFound(PollError, MessageError): """ Will be raised when you try to stop poll with message without poll """ match = 'message with poll to stop not found'
[docs]class MessageIsNotAPoll(PollError, MessageError): """ Will be raised when you try to stop poll with message without poll """ match = 'message is not a poll'
[docs]class ChatNotFound(BadRequest): match = 'chat not found'
[docs]class ChatIdIsEmpty(BadRequest): match = 'chat_id is empty'
[docs]class InvalidUserId(BadRequest): match = 'user_id_invalid' text = 'Invalid user id'
[docs]class ChatDescriptionIsNotModified(BadRequest): match = 'chat description is not modified'
[docs]class InvalidQueryID(BadRequest): match = 'query is too old and response timeout expired or query id is invalid'
[docs]class InvalidPeerID(BadRequest): match = 'PEER_ID_INVALID' text = 'Invalid peer ID'
[docs]class InvalidHTTPUrlContent(BadRequest): match = 'Failed to get HTTP URL content'
[docs]class ButtonURLInvalid(BadRequest): match = 'BUTTON_URL_INVALID' text = 'Button URL invalid'
[docs]class URLHostIsEmpty(BadRequest): match = 'URL host is empty'
[docs]class StartParamInvalid(BadRequest): match = 'START_PARAM_INVALID' text = 'Start param invalid'
[docs]class ButtonDataInvalid(BadRequest): match = 'BUTTON_DATA_INVALID' text = 'Button data invalid'
[docs]class FileIsTooBig(BadRequest): match = 'File is too big'
[docs]class WrongFileIdentifier(BadRequest): match = 'wrong file identifier/HTTP URL specified'
[docs]class GroupDeactivated(BadRequest): match = 'Group chat was deactivated'
[docs]class PhotoAsInputFileRequired(BadRequest): """ Will be raised when you try to set chat photo from file ID. """ match = 'Photo should be uploaded as an InputFile'
[docs]class InvalidStickersSet(BadRequest): match = 'STICKERSET_INVALID' text = 'Stickers set is invalid'
[docs]class NoStickerInRequest(BadRequest): match = 'there is no sticker in the request'
[docs]class ChatAdminRequired(BadRequest): match = 'CHAT_ADMIN_REQUIRED' text = 'Admin permissions is required!'
[docs]class NeedAdministratorRightsInTheChannel(BadRequest): match = 'need administrator rights in the channel chat' text = 'Admin permissions is required!'
[docs]class NotEnoughRightsToPinMessage(BadRequest): match = 'not enough rights to pin a message'
[docs]class MethodNotAvailableInPrivateChats(BadRequest): match = 'method is available only for supergroups and channel'
[docs]class CantDemoteChatCreator(BadRequest): match = 'can\'t demote chat creator'
[docs]class CantRestrictSelf(BadRequest): match = "can't restrict self" text = "Admin can't restrict self."
[docs]class NotEnoughRightsToRestrict(BadRequest): match = 'not enough rights to restrict/unrestrict chat member'
[docs]class PhotoDimensions(BadRequest): match = 'PHOTO_INVALID_DIMENSIONS' text = 'Invalid photo dimensions'
[docs]class UnavailableMembers(BadRequest): match = 'supergroup members are unavailable'
[docs]class TypeOfFileMismatch(BadRequest): match = 'type of file mismatch'
[docs]class WrongRemoteFileIdSpecified(BadRequest): match = 'wrong remote file id specified'
[docs]class PaymentProviderInvalid(BadRequest): match = 'PAYMENT_PROVIDER_INVALID' text = 'payment provider invalid'
[docs]class CurrencyTotalAmountInvalid(BadRequest): match = 'currency_total_amount_invalid' text = 'currency total amount invalid'
[docs]class BadWebhook(BadRequest): __group = True
[docs]class WebhookRequireHTTPS(BadWebhook): match = 'HTTPS url must be provided for webhook' text = 'bad webhook: ' + match
[docs]class BadWebhookPort(BadWebhook): match = 'Webhook can be set up only on ports 80, 88, 443 or 8443' text = 'bad webhook: ' + match
[docs]class BadWebhookAddrInfo(BadWebhook): match = 'getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in name resolution' text = 'bad webhook: ' + match
[docs]class BadWebhookNoAddressAssociatedWithHostname(BadWebhook): match = 'failed to resolve host: no address associated with hostname'
[docs]class CantParseUrl(BadRequest): match = 'can\'t parse URL'
[docs]class UnsupportedUrlProtocol(BadRequest): match = 'unsupported URL protocol'
[docs]class CantParseEntities(BadRequest): match = 'can\'t parse entities'
[docs]class ResultIdDuplicate(BadRequest): match = 'result_id_duplicate' text = 'Result ID duplicate'
[docs]class BotDomainInvalid(BadRequest): match = 'bot_domain_invalid' text = 'Invalid bot domain'
[docs]class MethodIsNotAvailable(BadRequest): match = "Method is available only for supergroups"
[docs]class CantRestrictChatOwner(BadRequest): """ Raises when bot restricts the chat owner """ match = 'Can\'t remove chat owner'
[docs]class UserIsAnAdministratorOfTheChat(BadRequest): """ Raises when bot restricts the chat admin """ match = 'User is an administrator of the chat'
[docs]class NotFound(TelegramAPIError, _MatchErrorMixin): __group = True
[docs]class MethodNotKnown(NotFound): match = 'method not found'
[docs]class ConflictError(TelegramAPIError, _MatchErrorMixin): __group = True
[docs]class TerminatedByOtherGetUpdates(ConflictError): match = 'terminated by other getUpdates request' text = 'Terminated by other getUpdates request; ' \ 'Make sure that only one bot instance is running'
[docs]class CantGetUpdates(ConflictError): match = 'can\'t use getUpdates method while webhook is active'
[docs]class Unauthorized(TelegramAPIError, _MatchErrorMixin): __group = True
[docs]class BotKicked(Unauthorized): match = 'bot was kicked from'
[docs]class BotBlocked(Unauthorized): match = 'bot was blocked by the user'
[docs]class UserDeactivated(Unauthorized): match = 'user is deactivated'
[docs]class CantInitiateConversation(Unauthorized): match = 'bot can\'t initiate conversation with a user'
[docs]class CantTalkWithBots(Unauthorized): match = 'bot can\'t send messages to bots'
[docs]class NetworkError(TelegramAPIError): pass
[docs]class RestartingTelegram(TelegramAPIError): def __init__(self): super(RestartingTelegram, self).__init__('The Telegram Bot API service is restarting. Wait few second.')
[docs]class RetryAfter(TelegramAPIError): def __init__(self, retry_after): super(RetryAfter, self).__init__(f"Flood control exceeded. Retry in {retry_after} seconds.") self.timeout = retry_after
[docs]class MigrateToChat(TelegramAPIError): def __init__(self, chat_id): super(MigrateToChat, self).__init__(f"The group has been migrated to a supergroup. New id: {chat_id}.") self.migrate_to_chat_id = chat_id
[docs]class Throttled(TelegramAPIError): def __init__(self, **kwargs): from import DELTA, EXCEEDED_COUNT, KEY, LAST_CALL, RATE_LIMIT, RESULT self.key = kwargs.pop(KEY, '<None>') self.called_at = kwargs.pop(LAST_CALL, time.time()) self.rate = kwargs.pop(RATE_LIMIT, None) self.result = kwargs.pop(RESULT, False) self.exceeded_count = kwargs.pop(EXCEEDED_COUNT, 0) = kwargs.pop(DELTA, 0) self.user = kwargs.pop('user', None) = kwargs.pop('chat', None) def __str__(self): return f"Rate limit exceeded! (Limit: {self.rate} s, " \ f"exceeded: {self.exceeded_count}, " \ f"time delta: {round(, 3)} s)"