Source code for aiogram.types.mixins

import os
import pathlib
from io import IOBase
from typing import Union, Optional

from aiogram.utils.deprecated import warn_deprecated

[docs]class Downloadable: """ Mixin for files """
[docs] async def download( self, destination=None, timeout=30, chunk_size=65536, seek=True, make_dirs=True, *, destination_dir: Optional[Union[str, pathlib.Path]] = None, destination_file: Optional[Union[str, pathlib.Path, IOBase]] = None ): """ Download file At most one of these parameters can be used: :param destination_dir:, :param destination_file: :param destination: deprecated, use :param destination_dir: or :param destination_file: instead :param timeout: Integer :param chunk_size: Integer :param seek: Boolean - go to start of file when downloading is finished. :param make_dirs: Make dirs if not exist :param destination_dir: directory for saving files :param destination_file: path to the file or instance of :class:`io.IOBase`. For e. g. :class:`io.BytesIO` :return: destination """ if destination: warn_deprecated( "destination parameter is deprecated, please use destination_dir or destination_file." ) if destination_dir and destination_file: raise ValueError( "Use only one of the parameters: destination_dir or destination_file." ) file, destination = await self._prepare_destination( destination, destination_dir, destination_file, ) return await file_path=file.file_path, destination=destination, timeout=timeout, chunk_size=chunk_size, seek=seek, make_dirs=make_dirs )
async def _prepare_destination(self, dest, destination_dir, destination_file): file = await self.get_file() if not(any((dest, destination_dir, destination_file))): destination = file.file_path elif dest: # backward compatibility if isinstance(dest, IOBase): return file, dest if isinstance(dest, (str, pathlib.Path)) and os.path.isdir(dest): destination = os.path.join(dest, file.file_path) else: destination = dest elif destination_dir: if isinstance(destination_dir, (str, pathlib.Path)): destination = os.path.join(destination_dir, file.file_path) else: raise TypeError("destination_dir must be str or pathlib.Path") else: if isinstance(destination_file, IOBase): return file, destination_file elif isinstance(destination_file, (str, pathlib.Path)): destination = destination_file else: raise TypeError("destination_file must be str, pathlib.Path or io.IOBase type") return file, destination
[docs] async def get_file(self): """ Get file information :return: :obj:`aiogram.types.File` """ if hasattr(self, 'file_path'): return self else: return await
[docs] async def get_url(self): """ Get file url. Attention!! This method has security vulnerabilities for the reason that result contains bot's *access token* in open form. Use at your own risk! :return: url """ file = await self.get_file() return
def __hash__(self): return hash(self.file_id)