Source code for aiogram.types.fields

import abc
import datetime
import weakref

__all__ = ('BaseField', 'Field', 'ListField', 'DateTimeField', 'TextField', 'ListOfLists')

[docs]class BaseField(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta): """ Base field (prop) """ def __init__(self, *, base=None, default=None, alias=None, on_change=None): """ Init prop :param base: class for child element :param default: default value :param alias: alias name (for e.g. field 'from' has to be named 'from_user' as 'from' is a builtin Python keyword :param on_change: callback will be called when value is changed """ self.base_object = base self.default = default self.alias = alias self.on_change = on_change def __set_name__(self, owner, name): if self.alias is None: self.alias = name def resolve_base(self, instance): if self.base_object is None or hasattr(self.base_object, 'telegram_types'): return elif isinstance(self.base_object, str): self.base_object = instance.telegram_types.get(self.base_object)
[docs] def get_value(self, instance): """ Get value for the current object instance :param instance: :return: """ return instance.values.get(self.alias, self.default)
[docs] def set_value(self, instance, value, parent=None): """ Set prop value :param instance: :param value: :param parent: :return: """ self.resolve_base(instance) value = self.deserialize(value, parent) instance.values[self.alias] = value self._trigger_changed(instance, value)
def _trigger_changed(self, instance, value): if not self.on_change and instance is not None: return callback = getattr(instance, self.on_change) callback(value) def __get__(self, instance, owner): return self.get_value(instance) def __set__(self, instance, value): self.set_value(instance, value)
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def serialize(self, value): """ Serialize value to python :param value: :return: """ pass
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def deserialize(self, value, parent=None): """Deserialize python object value to TelegramObject value""" pass
[docs] def export(self, instance): """ Alias for `serialize` but for current Object instance :param instance: :return: """ return self.serialize(self.get_value(instance))
[docs]class Field(BaseField): """ Simple field """
[docs] def serialize(self, value): if self.base_object is not None and hasattr(value, 'to_python'): return value.to_python() return value
[docs] def deserialize(self, value, parent=None): if isinstance(value, dict) \ and self.base_object is not None \ and not hasattr(value, 'base_object') \ and not hasattr(value, 'to_python'): if not isinstance(parent, weakref.ReferenceType): parent = weakref.ref(parent) return self.base_object(conf={'parent':parent}, **value) return value
[docs]class ListField(Field): """ Field contains list ob objects """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): default = kwargs.pop('default', None) if default is None: default = [] super(ListField, self).__init__(*args, default=default, **kwargs)
[docs] def serialize(self, value): result = [] serialize = super(ListField, self).serialize for item in value: result.append(serialize(item)) return result
[docs] def deserialize(self, value, parent=None): result = [] deserialize = super(ListField, self).deserialize for item in value: result.append(deserialize(item, parent=parent)) return result
[docs]class ListOfLists(Field):
[docs] def serialize(self, value): result = [] serialize = super(ListOfLists, self).serialize for row in value: row_result = [] for item in row: row_result.append(serialize(item)) result.append(row_result) return result
[docs] def deserialize(self, value, parent=None): result = [] deserialize = super(ListOfLists, self).deserialize if hasattr(value, '__iter__'): for row in value: row_result = [] for item in row: row_result.append(deserialize(item, parent=parent)) result.append(row_result) return result
[docs]class DateTimeField(Field): """ In this field st_ored datetime in: unixtime out: datetime """
[docs] def serialize(self, value: datetime.datetime): return round(value.timestamp())
[docs] def deserialize(self, value, parent=None): return datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(value)
[docs]class TextField(Field): def __init__(self, *, prefix=None, suffix=None, default=None, alias=None): super(TextField, self).__init__(default=default, alias=alias) self.prefix = prefix self.suffix = suffix
[docs] def serialize(self, value): if value is None: return value if self.prefix: value = self.prefix + value if self.suffix: value += self.suffix return value
[docs] def deserialize(self, value, parent=None): if value is not None and not isinstance(value, str): raise TypeError(f"Field '{self.alias}' should be str not {type(value).__name__}") return value