Source code for aiogram.dispatcher.filters.factory

import typing

from .filters import AbstractFilter, FilterRecord
from ..handler import Handler

[docs]class FiltersFactory: """ Filters factory """ def __init__(self, dispatcher): self._dispatcher = dispatcher self._registered: typing.List[FilterRecord] = []
[docs] def bind(self, callback: typing.Union[typing.Callable, AbstractFilter], validator: typing.Optional[typing.Callable] = None, event_handlers: typing.Optional[typing.List[Handler]] = None, exclude_event_handlers: typing.Optional[typing.Iterable[Handler]] = None): """ Register filter :param callback: callable or subclass of :obj:`AbstractFilter` :param validator: custom validator. :param event_handlers: list of instances of :obj:`Handler` :param exclude_event_handlers: list of excluded event handlers (:obj:`Handler`) """ record = FilterRecord(callback, validator, event_handlers, exclude_event_handlers) self._registered.append(record)
[docs] def unbind(self, callback: typing.Union[typing.Callable, AbstractFilter]): """ Unregister filter :param callback: callable of subclass of :obj:`AbstractFilter` """ for record in self._registered: if record.callback == callback: self._registered.remove(record)
[docs] def resolve(self, event_handler, *custom_filters, **full_config ) -> typing.List[typing.Union[typing.Callable, AbstractFilter]]: """ Resolve filters to filters-set :param event_handler: :param custom_filters: :param full_config: :return: """ filters_set = [] filters_set.extend(self._resolve_registered(event_handler, {k: v for k, v in full_config.items() if v is not None})) if custom_filters: filters_set.extend(custom_filters) return filters_set
def _resolve_registered(self, event_handler, full_config) -> typing.Generator: """ Resolve registered filters :param event_handler: :param full_config: :return: """ for record in self._registered: filter_ = record.resolve(self._dispatcher, event_handler, full_config) if filter_: yield filter_ if full_config: raise NameError("Invalid filter name(s): '" + "', ".join(full_config.keys()) + "'")